XFor years I have wanted to do this, but I have kept putting it off for no particular reason. Finally, I managed to do it: to walk down Kangaroo Creek in the Royal NP from Waterfall to Karloo pool - *in* the creek...

It seems the perfect creek for the expedition - water rarely over your head, lots of very nice little pools/rock platforms/bush, and only 45 min from home. So, with NHMRC grants freshly handed in for 2013 and the forecast for the next day at 30 degress and sunny, I celebrated getting the grants in by finally hitting the trails - well, the creek - and getting it done.

Jacqui dropped me off at Waterfall station, and I found my way down to the creek with Gareth's instructions (via the small side path marked with a yellow rock). From there, it was all on. I simply headed down the creek, with the general rule that I stayed *in* the creek as much as I possibly could.

After three and a half hours of awesome wading, rock hopping, slipping into the water, impaling myself on the odd stick and general ferreting around (which included numerous photo stops), I made it to Karloo pool.Then it was only a few km up the trail to the trailhead in the back streets of Heathcote to where Jacqui was waiting (after her walk).

Top outing! Highly recommended (if you don't mind a little bush bashing, and a lot of getting wet). Definitely a summer activity...

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