A day walk for the lab was organized by Ann on Easter Friday - taking advantage of the one good day of weather over the break! We decided to make a trek down Kangaroo Creek in the Royal National Park, using Gareth as a guide on the unmarked part of the walk. Joel had always wanted to trek down the creek, and today was his big chance. Arwen's dad, Duncan, also brought along his new toy - an inflatable (and portable) kayak! He is preparing to take it down the Franklin River - ambitious! The best bit was the method of inflating it - a bit nylon bag that you scoop air into and then disgorge into the kayak - very tricky! - and very efficient!

We were also lucky enough to see a turtle down at the head of the navigable part of the creek - very cool! Will be a glorious walk in mid-summer - with swimming opportunities all the way along (some of us took advantage of them this time too, although it was brisk!).

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Eucalyptus sap. (127kb) The trail down from Heathcote. (220kb) Mighty eucalypt... (173kb)
Surveying the valley from a lookout. (187kb) Corrugated sandstone. (114kb) Bark pattern. (90kb)
Kangaroo creek in all its glory. (111kb) Rocks on the creek. (139kb) How did that get there? (132kb)
Gareth supervises the first creek crossing. (149kb) Crossing?! Why cross when you can go *this* way! (153kb) See! (120kb)
A fine specimen (if you like weeds...). (124kb) Joel trials Duncan's inflatable kayak! (143kb) Like it! (136kb)
...as does Ann! (135kb) Might even be better than her inflatable whale! (89kb) Cascades on Kangaroo Ck. (151kb)
Finding Gareth's special handholds. (159kb) Punk rocker fungus. (150kb) Beautiful scenery on the creek. (124kb)
Local flora. (85kb) Reflections on the slabs. (142kb) Is that Bear Gryllus? (145kb)
No, don't think so... (140kb) Local resident of the creek! (107kb) Paddling around. (101kb)
View down the creek as we climb back up. (150kb) Vanessa and Jacqui survey the scene. (168kb) Flora. (76kb)
Curly plant. (111kb) *Very* curly plant! (71kb) An intrepid character! (146kb)
Walking along Uloola ridge. (112kb) Aboriginal carvings on Uloola ridge. (119kb) Bottle brush. (157kb)
Uloola Falls. (151kb) Twisted eucalyptus. (157kb) Nearly home! (154kb)