Roseville walk, Dec., '06

We hadn't had a bushwalk for a while, so Joel devised a never-before-attempted expedition around the creeks and bush tracks of the central North Shore in Sydney, which we (Joel, Jacqui, Ann, Christoph, Chu Wai and her sister Chu Yok - note absence of brother) executed on Boxing Day, in order to walk off the Xmas ham.

We started from Forestville Oval and started by walking around Bantry Bay to Roseville Bridge on the Flat Rock track. We crossed over Roseville Bridge and headed up the true right bank of Middle Harbour Creek on the Two Creeks track.

After a couple of small bush-bashing escapades, we crossed the creek at its navigable limit, then continued up to the Cascades, where a small amount of bathing was undertaken to ward off the day's sun. Then it was up through French's creek track and through a bit of suburbia to take us back to Forestville on the Pipeline Track.

In total, we covered about 30 km in what was a fine day's walking - amazing the bushland and tracks that you can find right in the middle of Sydney!

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Morning tea stop on the Two Creeks Track. (141kb) Don't do it Christoph! (128kb)
Lunch stop down near Middle Harbour Creek. (142kb) Some relief from the heat in a small stream. (110kb)
Ann takes a break. (98kb) Some general lazing - Chu Wai and Cu Yok cool their feet. (107kb)