Sculptures by the Sea, 2012

Every November or so, there is an exhibition of sculpture on the clifftop walk between Bondi and Tamarama. Artists create work that (sometimes) fits in with the location and a zillion people stroll along the clifftop to peruse them - including us. There are always a few very memorable ones - and a number that are completely inexplicable (most of those weren't photographed...). We took photos in 2010 as well...

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
DSC03320.jpg (146kb) DSC03322.jpg (82kb) DSC03326.jpg (97kb)
DSC03327.jpg (169kb) DSC03331.jpg (125kb) DSC03332.jpg (120kb)
DSC03333.jpg (122kb) DSC03334.jpg (115kb) DSC03337.jpg (107kb)
DSC03339.jpg (72kb) DSC03341.jpg (77kb) DSC03342.jpg (87kb)
DSC03343.jpg (124kb) DSC03344.jpg (147kb) DSC03345.jpg (119kb)
DSC03346.jpg (97kb) DSC03347.jpg (143kb) DSC03349.jpg (162kb)
DSC03350.jpg (94kb) DSC03351.jpg (106kb) DSC03352.jpg (87kb)
DSC03353.jpg (99kb) DSC03354.jpg (80kb)