Sculptures by the Sea, 2010

Each year, there is a great sculpture exhibition in Sydney - Sculptures by the Sea - where a series of 50 or 60 sculptures are strategically placed on the cliff top walk between Bondi and Tamarama beaches. Many of the sculptures make great use of the environment so Jacqui and I always try to get along to it while it is on. Some of them are always a bit weird, but the good ones are worth it! Check out the can opener...

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DSC00174.jpg (137kb) DSC00176.jpg (87kb) DSC00178.jpg (72kb)
DSC00180.jpg (128kb) DSC00181.jpg (149kb) DSC00182.jpg (116kb)
DSC00183.jpg (88kb) DSC00184.jpg (166kb) DSC00185.jpg (138kb)
DSC00187.jpg (140kb) DSC00188.jpg (76kb) DSC00189.jpg (72kb)
DSC00190.jpg (65kb) DSC00191.jpg (151kb) DSC00192.jpg (76kb)
DSC00193.jpg (100kb) DSC00194.jpg (81kb) DSC00195.jpg (118kb)
DSC00196.jpg (98kb) DSC00197.jpg (115kb) DSC00199.jpg (107kb)
DSC00201.jpg (143kb) DSC00202.jpg (69kb) DSC00203.jpg (110kb)
DSC00205.jpg (85kb) DSC00207.jpg (174kb) DSC00208.jpg (148kb)
DSC00209.jpg (143kb) DSC00210.jpg (106kb) DSC00211.jpg (99kb)
DSC00212.jpg (138kb) DSC00213.jpg (57kb) DSC00215.jpg (72kb)
DSC00217.jpg (76kb) DSC00219.jpg (87kb) DSC00222.jpg (82kb)
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