It was time for another lab bush walk. There hadn't been one for quite a while - which is partly a function of the fact that a few of us in the lab have been doing quite a few rogaines over the last year or so, so have been out in the bush with other lab members quite a bit in one way or another.

But it *was* time for a small excursion. As a bit of a way of easing ourselves back into the idea gently, we chose a walk that was reasonably close to the city, so that there weren't huge transport dramas. A one-way walk from Glenbrook in the lower Blue Mountains (~1 h from Sydney centre) to Springwood further up the mountains was selected. It ran down from Glenbrook station to Jellybean pool on Glenbrook creek, then NW along the creek to the Duckhole, and NW up a spur onto St Helena ridge. From there we dropped down into Magdala creek and soon after walked north up that creek to Springwood. Total distance around 20 km and fairly easy to follow most of the way (map and compass always helpful for allaying those fears though...). There were fabulous reflections to be seen in the creek (left and below) - it was incredibly still that day.

Perhaps not as adventurous as our Easter escapade in the Budawangs, but a pleasant day out for all i think. Would be a great walk in the summer actually - check out all of the 'beaches" on the creeks - great places for lazing and swimming in the summer i reckon!

[click on thumbnail for larger image and caption]
Heading off from Glenbrook - just through the Descending to Jellybean pool (which lacked jellybeans...). (28,920 bytes) Reflection on Glenbrook creek (there are a few of these to come...). (22,009 bytes)
Hanging out at the beach (Glenbrook creek). (45,953 bytes) Little Chu reaches for some food... (28,965 bytes) More beach on Glenbrook creek - this is going to be a great summer walk i reckon! (37,956 bytes)
Glenbrook creek. (22,961 bytes) More reflections on the creek. (39,920 bytes) Heading towards the Duckhole. (48,417 bytes)
Glenbrook creek reflects again. (28,019 bytes) Jacqui and Ann survey the scene from the spur leading up from the Duckhole to St Helena ridge. (47,534 bytes) They spotted me! (31,233 bytes)
Me forging ahead (actually, bringing up the rear) on St Helena ridge. (56,929 bytes) A burnt out trunk. (53,942 bytes) Heading up Magdala creek towards Springwood. (39,438 bytes)
More of the gully holding Magdala creek - nice and ferny. (57,275 bytes)