Rogaining and Xmas '04

In April 2004 , there was a 12-h rogaine in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. There was a bit of a lab expedition to give it a whirl - Dave and Joel went for the "open blokes" category, Jacqui and Molly went for the chicks category, while Wendy, Ann and Fionna entered the often competitive picnic category. Chu Wai, Jason and Yun-Si rounded out the lab contingent in the mixed category. It was a great course - a mixture of trails and bush (except for checkpoint 90, which was a long way from where it was supposed to be...) - and Dave and Joel were lucky enough to end up winning the event. Molly and Jacqui were second shielas, while Ann, Chu Wai and Wendy took out the picnic category (largely because they didn't tell anyone else about the existence of the category).

There are also a few pix of the lab Xmas picnic and Bronte - for the sake of posterity more than the electric nature of the photos...

[click thumbnail to view a larger version of each picture with caption]
This tent looks a bit dodgy to me... (139kb) Furious planning! Molly, Ann's bum and Wendy plan in the foreground, while Jason, Chu Wai and Dave's leg (easily recognized) do their thing in the background... (111kb) The planning continues while Jason tries to figure out why he has a tent pole left over. (148kb)
Dave informs him that it is because he hasn't put the tent up yet. (165kb) Lab picnic at Bronte - Xmas 04 - Dave and Joel ponder deep philosophical questions... (241kb) Janet and Amy give their best smile for the camera, while Daniel, John and Rachel fill the background. (221kb)
Sharon and Margie try to outdo each other in the summer hat competition. (219kb) Chu Wai and Fionna are also in the running for the hat comp... (222kb) Jacqui extracts some dip under Daniel's watchful eye. (227kb)