We had Dave Segal from UC Davis staying with us for a couple of weeks in March - to brainstorm on zinc finger related work. The weather was looking good, so we headed out to the Blue Mountains for a bit of a day walk. Nick and Mattias joined us for a hike down from Wentworth Falls via Slack's stairs to Hippocrene Falls and Vera Falls - where we briefly explored an off-path route to the cliffline around the falls... Once we relocated ourselves, we headed back up the Valley of the Waters and along the National Pass track back to Wentworth Falls.

Was a splendid day for an outing - and not a leech to be had - surprisingly...

Mattias has taken some photos too - and see the following week's Harbour walk.

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Looking out into the Jamison Valley (57kb) Above Wentworth falls (123kb) Dave et al (139kb)
Little falls (147kb) Big falls! (118kb) Checking out the sandstone (62kb)
Falls (98kb) Falls (100kb) Falls (124kb)
The valley (116kb) Wentworth Falls (125kb) The bottom of the falls (132kb)
Fungus (103kb) Nice light (143kb) I've got no idea. (164kb)
Hippocrene Falls (146kb) Forging our own path... (170kb) Vera Falls (155kb)
Jamison Valley (121kb) Jamison valley (103kb) Falls (51kb)
Looks safe enough (139kb) Dave looks for the water bottle he dropped (136kb) Wentworth Falls (166kb)
Nice metalwork (151kb) The falls again (128kb) Squiggly rocks (175kb)