Photos of our Blue Mountains day walk in the Wentworth Falls area, taken by Mattias - to go with Joel's photos here.

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Looking out (122kb) ...at this (95kb) Falls (80kb)
The big falls (117kb) Going down (145kb) Old tools (108kb)
The falls (108kb) Falls (157kb) Little falls (179kb)
Falls (156kb) Sandstone (135kb) Going down (138kb)
...and down (177kb) ...and down (171kb) ...to here (143kb)
Nice (128kb) The bottom of Wentworth Falls (119kb) No problem for us... (115kb)
Plenty of water in the creeks (154kb) Chckling over a zinc finger joke (162kb) Remember what it said about experience navigators... (178kb)
Vera Falls (146kb) Hmmm - where was that cairn? (115kb) Empty tree (84kb)
The canopy (187kb) A bit of clambering (151kb) Falls (150kb)
Falls (151kb) That's quite a hat... (109kb) Info and glider (104kb)
The troops (180kb) Heading along National Pass (176kb) The olden days... (113kb)
Jamison valley (59kb) Stepping stones (154kb) Sedimentary cliffline (160kb)
Falls (84kb) Falls (46kb) Looking out (146kb)
Still looking out (141kb) The valley (83kb) Wentworth Falls (175kb)
The Falls (162kb) Ahh - this is the life... (91kb) Lunch at the lookout (70kb)
The camera man (79kb)