Xmas BBQ at Bronte, '06

A few photos from the now traditional December BBQ at Bronte Beach in Sydney's eastern suburbs...

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Paul requests 4 sausages from the bbq. (90kb) Molly, big Chu, Eija and Arwen. (85kb) Joel and Jacqui and the flying tennis ball. (93kb)
Dave, Fiona and Jacqui with hands on hips. (112kb) Volleyball action. (113kb) All we need now is a ball! (114kb)
Jason, Molly, Roland, Arwen and big Chu. (98kb) More standing around. (108kb) *Still* more standing around! (108kb)
At last, some sitting down! (106kb) Chu isn't sure he believes Liza. (106kb) Fionna with a rare smile. (82kb)
Fionna and Rob suss out the diablo. (98kb)