I took my first trip to China this year to speak at the 4th Asia-Pacific Protein Conference, which was held in Shanghai. In usual style, I also took the opportunity to spend a few days exploring, with Wayne Patrick - a friend and collaborator from Massey University in NZ - who hatched a cunning plan. After the 4 days in Shanghai for the meeting, we headed off on an overnight train to Mt Huangshan - reputed to be one of the most impressive (and also most visited...) mountains in China. We considered other destinations further afield (Mt Huangshan is only a few hundred km from Shanghai) to try to increase the remoteness factor, but we only had 4 days, so opted in the end for the closer choice...

For the time-poor, there are a small selection of snaps from the trip below. For the procrastinators, there are a few pages that allow you to explore our trip in more detail...

[Click the thumbnail for a larger version and a caption.]

Jing'an temple in the midst of Shanghai. (101kb) Same faces the world over! (91kb) Shanghai by night. (57kb)
The highlight of the trip for Wayne! (99kb) Shanghai skyline. (33kb) They can sure build buildings here.. (96kb)
Dried things. Fish? Fungus? (119kb) Chinese caterpillar. (66kb) On the trail up Mt Huangshan. (128kb)
This chap is carrying about 100 kg of water up the mountain.. (161kb) Wayne is puzzled. (123kb) Local conifers. (182kb)
Our hotel on top of the mountain - the Beihai. (50kb) One way to get your luggage up the mountain. (110kb) The famous cloudy sea! (46kb)
Misty spires in the Western Canyon on Mt Huangshan. (67kb) Going down. (56kb) Just stunning - one of the most amazing sights i have ever seen anywhere.. (87kb)
The mist finally cleared for us. (63kb) Jane - our champion taxi driver for the day! (112kb) Whee! (141kb)
Roof. (147kb) The bridge at Hongcun - an interesting partially preserved village. (96kb) Chinese kitten. (95kb)
Seemed to be an issue over there! (42kb) Hongcun. (92kb) Hmm - what to have.. (119kb)
Multistory scaffolding - the Shanghai way! (123kb) The old part of Shanghai - nicely preserved. (109kb) Soup in a steamed bun - complete with straw! (55kb)
Something from my alimentary canal, according to the ghost-train style ride i went on at the science museum.. (47kb)    

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