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2018 2017

Graduation #1 [May]

Lab Hyam's Beach trip [May]

Graduation #2 [Sept]

Bushwalking with Art Palmer [Dec]

2016 2015

Blue Mntns daywalk with Monica [May]

Lab Hyam's Beach trip [May]

Hyam's beach (via Ida) [May]

Hyam's beach (via Joel) [May]

2014 2013

Lab Xmas bbq 2014 [Dec]

AMOEBA Ball 2014 [Nov]

Vintage lab photos [Nov]

Shanghai CSH meeting [May]

Hyam's beach [May]

Xmas croquet [Dec]

Wentworth Falls walk with Peggy Farnham [Dec]

AMOEBA Ball 2013 [Nov]

Lake Macquarie rogaine [Aug]

Weekend at Hyams Beach [May]

Joel's Royal NP expedition [Mar]

Royal NP coastal walk [Jan]

2012 2011

AMOEBA Ball 2012 [Nov]

Sculptures by the Sea [Nov]

November graduation [Nov]

Weekend at Hyams Beach [May]

The annual Maytime graduation ceremony [May]

Harbour walk [Mar]

Wentworth Falls walk [Mar]

Wentworth Falls walk via Mattias [Mar]

Lorne Protein Conference via Mattias [Feb]

APNMR meeting in Beijing [Oct]

Roland and Liza's wedding [Oct]

The RNA conference in Kyoto [July]

Joel's China trip [May - opens new window]

Graduation [May]

Royal National Park daywalk [April]

Hyam's Beach retreat [April]

2010 2009

AMOEBA Ball [November]

Robyn and Mugdha's graduation [November]

Sculptures by the Sea [November]

ICMRBS 2010 in Cairns via Paul [August]

ICMRBS 2010 in Cairns via Robyn [August]

Lake Macquarie rogaine with Dave Segal [August]

A walk in the Blue Mountains [July]

Navshield [July]

Kylie's graduation [June]

Joel's European bike trip [May - opens new window]

Graduation [May]

McMaster's Beach Lab Retreat [April]

McMaster's Beach Lab Retreat - Katschi's photos [April]

Lorne Protein Conference 2010 [Feb.]

ComBio and SPrEE [Dec.]

MMB Ball [Nov.]

Graduation [Oct.]

Heron Island [Oct.]

Fionna's wedding day! [August]

Fionna's wedding day via Chu Wai [August]

Bundeena to Otford walk [April]

Hyam's Beach trip [April]

Hyam's Beach trip [April]

Lorne Conference [via Robyn]

Lorne Conference [via Katschi]

Lorne Conference [via Paul]

2008 2007

Janet and Stephen's wedding [Dec.]

The ANZMAG Conference [Dec.]

Joel in Taiwan [Oct.]

Royal National Park walk [Oct.]

J+J in Europe [July]

Random lab photos

Wilfred's graduation [June]

Graduations [May]

Chu Kong's wedding [May]

Hyams Beach via Richard [April]

Hyams Beach via Paul and Robyn [April]

Hyam's Beach via Sandra [April]


MMB Trivia Evening [August]

East Coast Protein Meeting [July]

Graduation [May]

Hyam's Beach Lab Retreat [April]

Lorne Conference [via Liza]

Lorne Conference [via Robyn]

Lorne Conference [via Sandra]

2006 2005

Boxing Day walk [Dec.]

School Xmas party [Dec.]

Lab Xmas BBQ at Bronte [Dec.]

Chu Wai's PhD graduation [Dec.]

Margie's BBQ [Nov.]

Lunch at Chu Wai's place [Oct.]

Halloween Party [Oct.]

ACT 24-h rogaining [July]

Hyam's Beach [May]

Some graduations [May]

Lorne Protein Conference [Feb.]

Sharon and her new family member [as of 26 Oct. 2005]

East Coast Protein Meeting [Aug.]

Trailwalker race [Aug.]

NMR conference in India [Jan.]

Rogaine and Xmas [Dec.]

Navshield Rogaine [July]

Walk to Mt Solitary [April]

2004 2003

A couple of conferences

Royal National Park [Jan.]

Day walk in the Blue Mountain [Aug.]

Lab kayaking (again!) [Apr.]

Bushwalking in the Budawangs [Apr.]

ACT Rogaine [Mar.]

2002 2001

Social Rogaine [Nov.]

24-h Rogaine [Oct.]

Bushwalk [April]

Bushwalk [July]

Canoeing in Kangaroo Valley [May]

Bushwalk [August]

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