800 timetable

The 800 is currently running Topspin3.5 pl7
Phone number for the 800 lab is 91141205 (x41205)

The NMRs located in G08 (Molecular Bioscience Building) are now under Sydney Analytical Core Research Facility. Due to a couple of teething issues with the NMRNET booking page 800 timetable, please continue to make bookings by emailing Ann or by phone (93513911 or 93514120) unti further notice. Cycle runs Wednesday to Wednesday (between N2 fill). If there are too many experiments to fit in a cycle, then the remaining ones have higher priorities in the next block.

Note: You will be billed for all booked hours, unless someone else can use your booked time or the cancellation is made at least 2 working days before your time commences.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cryoprobe and cryoplatform have had extensive repairs in the last 6 months and is fully working as of Mar 25th. It is under observation and testing. Please let Ann know if any problems.

Current block: May 20th - 27th, 2020
Wed May 20th: from 10 am: available
Sat May 23rd: 11 am - Mon 25th 2 pm: Ann/Jinlong 15N relaxation experiments

Coming block: May 27th - Jun 3rd, 2020

Wed May 27th: from 10 am: available
Thur May 28th: 12 pm to Sat 30th 12 am: Hakimeh DQF-COSY

Requests so far for coming blocks (booking times are tentative):
Wed May 27th: from 10 am: available

Previous block: May 13th - 20th, 2020
Wed May 13th: 1 pm - Fri 15th 10 am: Ann/Jinlong N-HSQC temperature screen, 15N T2
Tue May 19th: 1:30 am - 5 am: Maryam HSQCs