SMB Computer Support Help Pages

Setting Up a Computer on the SMB Network

There are a number of basic requirements.

  • A computer with an ethernet (network) card with drivers installed and working.
  • An ethernet (network) cable. These can be obtained from the service centre (room 270) or computer support (room 274). You may need to fill in a Job Sheet to get this cable, if there are none in stock or if you want anything longer than 2m.

After you have physically set up the machine, plug it into a network port. If your machine says that there is no connection or the cable is unplugged, and there are no lights (if your computer's network port has lights!) contact Support with the network port number to ensure that the port is activated. Each port is labelled in the format where the number on the second line is the room number.

Obtaining an IP address

Computers generally obtain an ip address automatically when they are connected to a network. The SMB intranet automatically allocates addresses in the private range 172.16.130/24 or 172.21.186/24. This will allow immediate access to the University of Sydney networks. In order to access networks outside the university you will have to set your browser's proxy settings.

If you have a laptop which you use at home you will need to turn off the proxy when you are outside the university.

There are some applications (rarely) which require a public IP address. To obtain one please fill out the form Request for an IP address. [As of 8/8/2011 this is broken due to changes in the network - a fix is being investigated, meanwhile contact Computer Support]

Printing and file sharing

To enable access for printing to network printers and filesharing with other computers in the SMB network you will have to allow "File and Print Sharing" through your computer firewall. As there are many different firewalls you may need to put in a HelpDesk job to have this done for you.

The ports required to be open are the TCP ports 139 and 445 and the UDP ports 137 and 138.
The SMB subnets are 129.78.130/24, 129.78.152/24, 172.16.130/24 and 172.21.186/24.

SMB Windows Workgroup

The workgroup is called MMB not SMB for historical reasons. It is a convenience to add your computer to the MMB workgroup as this makes it easier to find other computers in the School.

Access to Services from Outside the University Campus [VPN]

Seamless access to the library, databases, email and local computers is available through the VPN client.

To access a user guide and download the client see: Virtual Private Networking.