Computer Support Help Pages

Setting up Printers

Please follow the links for help with the installation of printers on our print server chexi.

  1. Mac OS X
  2. Windows 32 Bit
  3. Windows 7 64 Bit

Available printers are listed in the following link SMB Printers.

Who do I contact if something goes wrong with the printer?

If there is a problem with any of the printers contact one of the staff below. They can submit a job directly to Kyocera support.

  • Level 4: Margaret Espejel, Jenny Phuyal
  • Level 5: Doug Chappell
  • Level 6: Angela Nikolic
  • Level 7: Sue Ling Lim

Policy for the use of printing facilities

In a gesture of great generosity, the University provides excellent printing facilities for all staff and students in the building. These facilities are considered common School equipment and its purchase, maintenance and consumables costs are borne by the School. Therefore it is important that these facilities are used in an optimum manner and are not subject to abuse, thereby avoiding unnecessary escalation in the costs beyond the capacity of the School to meet them.

Copiers and Printers
On each of the main research levels (4, 5, 6 and 7) the school has provided:

  • a mono copier with printing and scanning capabilities
  • a colour printer

A colour copier, and A3 colour printer is located in the level 4 admin office. This machine should only be used to do jobs that require these capabilities.

A poster printer and laminator is located in the Level 5 Printing area. It is important to send jobs to the poster printer for the final print out only.

Fax machines
The School will maintain only one fax (# 9351 5858) located in the admin office. All Molecular Bioscience staff and students should provide this fax # on their letterheads, business cards and email signatures. Any faxes received on this number will be distributed to the appropriate people by the admin staff. All other remaining faxes can be used for outgoing fax documents for the time being, but will not be repaired or replaced as they break down.

Printers in Teachihg Areas
Printers in Teaching Labs are maintained by the Prep room staff under the custody of Joe Dimauro.

Older School Printers

At present there are mono printers still on some levels and they will remain there while they are still operational. They will be removed once they breakdown as they are now out of warranty and not worth the cost of being repaired.

General Rules for Printing in Building G08

  • ALL mono printing should be sent to either a copier or mono printer.
  • ONLY colour pages should be sent to the colour printers.
  • A3 printing and colour copying is to be done on Level 4 admin office