About Me

Picture of Me with my second son, Atticus.

Born in June '75.

Youngest and only girl of 5 siblings, although the eldest, Arthur, was tragically killed in Sept '98.

Mother of two gorgeous boys, Dante and Atticus.

Wife of Daniel.

Owner of a black and white cat, Squishy, and part-owner of two more, Blackie and Grey (guess what colours they are).

Living in Belfield, a suburb of Sydney, next door to my parents, in an amazing seven bedroom home (hooray! Space for a library, sewing room/study, and Lego room).

Enjoy starting new projects but not very good at completing them. Interests include quilting/sewing, crocheting rugs for various nieces (only one nephew so far), and writing my blog. Hope one day to get back into my only sport, dragon boat racing.

Like reading mainly Fantasy and Sci-Fi, but love the occasional Austen as well as other stuff recommended by friends.

Currently working in The School of Molecular and Microbial Biosciences at The University of Sydney as computer support.

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