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12 July 2019

A fish called Wakanda a new species of fairy wrasse

Inspired by the Marvel film Black Panther, Yi-Kai Tea has named a new species of fairy wrasse after the fictional country Wakanda. Mr Tea believes taxonomy is a vital component in conservation science.
11 July 2019

The Sydney astronomer tackling the mysteries of the universe

For nearly six decades, Professor Richard Hunstead has looked for answers in the heavens, and for better ways of doing things on Earth.
11 July 2019

Thwack! Insects feel chronic pain after injury

Associate Professor Greg Neely and his team of pain researchers in the Charles Perkins Centre have found compelling evidence that insects feel persistent pain after injury.

04 July 2019

'Tsunami' on a silicon chip: a world first for light waves

A collaboration between the Sydney Nano Institute and Singapore University of Technology and Design has for the first time manipulated a light wave, or photonic information, on a silicon chip that retains its overall 'shape'.
02 July 2019

NASA selects Sydney expert to study the Sun and space weather

Professor Iver Cairns from the University of Sydney has been selected by NASA for two satellite missions to study our Sun and its effects on space weather.
02 July 2019

Photosynthesis in a fast-changing world

It is predicted that demand for food production will double by 2050. Dr William Salter’s research is focussed on improving the photosynthesis of wheat and chickpea to help meet this target.
28 June 2019

Astronomers make history in a split second with fast radio bursts

Fast radio bursts are mysterious events in distant galaxies. An Australian-led team has for the first time detected the location of a one-off FRB in its galaxy more than three billion light years away.
27 June 2019

Getting to the guts of Tasmanian devil health

PhD student Rowena Chong has had a lifelong love of wildlife, but it is the Tasmanian devil that captured her heart. She is researching the devils gut flora to better understand their overall health and improve future conservation efforts.
24 June 2019

Horses saddled with gender bias: mares seen as 'bossy'

Many riders have long considered stallions to be dangerous or difficult but new research now shows mares are also seen as "bossy" or "unreliable", raising concerns for their welfare.
19 June 2019

Australian space industry has a bright future

Led by the University of Sydney, CUAVA is working to train the next generation of workers in commercial space, solve vital research problems and develop a world-class Australian space industry.