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10 November 2020

Cleaner, cheaper, more efficient: the future of energy

The world is on the precipice of a cleaner, cheaper and more efficient energy future. Here's how Australia can capitalise on digital technologies and emerge as an energy leader.
09 November 2020

Which Bachelor of Science degree should I choose?

With lots of options and flexibility across the suite of Bachelor of Science degrees, choosing which one to enrol in is an exciting decision.
09 November 2020

University study finds economic window for native grains production

At the start of NAIDOC Week 2020, Dr Angela Pattison and colleagues have launched the first report from a feasibility study into using native grass grains as a modern food product. Initial findings look promising.
04 November 2020

Up-and-coming researchers awarded $10m

24 academics have been awarded funding through the Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) scheme.
02 November 2020

Narrabri Virtual Field Day

In lieu of a physical Field Day in 2020, the team at Narrabri have prepared a series of videos that highlight the research they are currently undertaking.
30 October 2020

Paul McGreevy wins Global Animal Welfare Award

University of Sydney Professor Paul McGreevy has been recognised with one of the most prestigious veterinary awards in the world for his pioneering contribution to animal welfare.
30 October 2020

Sydney Nano team wins national water research challenge

From more than 100 entries and eight finalists, the Advanced Water Capture from the Atmosphere team has won the Bridge Hub Water Challenge.
28 October 2020

Quality teaching spurs jump in Times subject rankings

The University shows strong performance in the Times Higher Education subject rankings.
28 October 2020

Thomas Maschmeyer wins Prime Minister's Prize for Innovation 2020

The Prime Minister has recognised Thomas Maschmeyer for his work taking fundamental science to commercialisation in fields that address environmental problems: plastic-waste recycling and safe, scalable storage for renewable energy.
28 October 2020

Slime time! Why slugs, snails and spiders are invading your home

Heavy rain across Eastern Australia is driving garden slugs, spiders and mozzies indoors. What can you do to humanely remove these visitors from your home? Professor Dieter Hochuli shares his tips.