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22 January 2020

Small solutions for the future’s biggest problems

Detecting and treating cancers, mitigating Climate Change, creating artificial intelligence, sustainably producing chemicals and ensuring water security are some of the many challenges that could be solved by harnessing the power of innovations that come from the smallest of scales.
21 January 2020

Researcher honoured for outstanding achievement in History and Philosophy of Science

Professor Evelleen Richards has won the Royal Society of NSW History and Philosophy of Science Medal for significant contributions to answering key questions in the history and historiography of evolutionary theory, as well as to the study of contemporary research policy in science and medicine.
15 January 2020

Scientist recognised for breakthrough development of specialty optical fibres

Associate Professor Sergio Leon-Saval has won the Australian Optical Society John Love Award for his collaborative work with Nokia Bell Labs to propose and develop a new type of specialty optical fibre device called mode-selective photonic lanterns.