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16 September 2020

Australia unprepared for over-the-counter medical cannabis sales

Professor Iain McGregor from the Lambert Initiative says it is time for Australia to have a mature approach to consumer access to safe and effective cannabinoid products without a prescription.
15 September 2020

Australian cotton well-placed to adapt to climate change

Irrigated Australian cotton adapts well to simulated climate change conditions, findings of new research collaboration between the University of Sydney and CSIRO have shown.
14 September 2020

Animal health careers

Our industry-oriented, science based courses will prepare you for a career in a wide variety of animal health industries. Graduates can be found working in animal welfare, biosecurity, wildlife conservation and more.
10 September 2020

How the Milky Way stole an enormous gas halo from our dwarf neighbours

A stream of gas from the Magellanic Clouds the mass of more than a billion Suns fills our skies in UV and x-ray light. But why does it remain so massive and not evaporate into its enormous neighbour, the Milky Way? Professor Joss Bland-Hawthorn was part of the team that found out.
09 September 2020

University and Health Infrastructure unveil emergency ventilator

The University of Sydney has joined with Health Infrastructure and Vestech Medical to celebrate the success of the NSW government's Ventilator Innovation Project and unveil the completed "CoVida", an emergency ventilator.
08 September 2020

Gen Z not ready to eat lab-grown meat, survey reveals

New research by the University of Sydney and Curtin University has found that, despite having a great concern for the environment and animal welfare, Generation Z is not ready to eat lab-grown meat.
08 September 2020

Medical cannabis study for spinal injury pain wins NSW Health funding

Treatments for chronic pain caused by spinal injury can cause side effects almost as difficult as the pain it is treating. Experts at the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics and Brain and Mind Centre will see if cannabidiol is an effective alternative.
04 September 2020

Studying first year physics

The School of Physics is introducing a range of innovations into their physics teaching after a successful pilot trial.
03 September 2020

Great Barrier Reef 'glue' at risk from ocean acidification

Data from fossil reef cores going back 30,000 years show a definitive link between ocean pH levels and thickness of microbialite structures that help stabilise tropical reefs.
01 September 2020

University invests in agriculture with multimillion-dollar research centre

International Centre of Crop and Digital Agriculture will assure world-class research at our Narrabri campus for global food security and agribusiness support for the 21st century.