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01 September 2020

Scientists unlock crops' power to resist floods

Scientists at the universities of Oxford and Sydney have discovered the structure of an enzyme that helps control oxygen in crops. They hope it provides a platform to improve crop resistance to flooding.
01 September 2020

Humans' construction 'footprint' on ocean quantified

Thirty thousand square kilometres of our ocean has been developed, a new study led by the University of Sydney has found. Development is predicted to rapidly increase over the next decade.
27 August 2020

Student entrepreneurs design solutions to real-world problems

University supports student entrepreneurs to take their big idea to the next level.
26 August 2020

'The love hormone' - a new treatment for addiction?

Human trials are set to begin in early 2021 on a promising new drug which could treat alcohol and opioid addiction.
26 August 2020

University of Sydney commits to climate action, sustainability

Australia's first university has joined a growing body of institutions highlighting the importance of sustainability and committed to ambitious new targets as part of its new sustainability strategy and climate statement. 

21 August 2020

Careers in the geosciences

Whether you'd like to join the forefront of the resource industry, provide expertise to protect our environment or address the effects of climate change, studying geosciences will give you skills for a huge range of careers.
21 August 2020

Five Young Tall Poppy Science Award winners

The Young Tall Poppy Science Awards recognise scientific research excellence and public outreach in early career researchers.
18 August 2020

Low humidity increases COVID risk; another reason to wear a mask

Professor Michael Ward says we could face increased risks of coronavirus community transmission when humidity is low or when the air is drier.
12 August 2020

Live from the Lab

Musicians from the Conservatorium of Music have been working alongside scientists and engineers from the Sydney Nano Institute, composing new music inspired by their emotional response to the Grand Challenges; the flagship projects at Sydney Nano.
11 August 2020

The challenges that come with being a horse dentist

Don't like going to the dentist? Think how it would be if you were a horse. With a mouthful of large, hard-to-access teeth, horses are a challenge for the dental problem solvers at the Camden Equine Centre.