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11 August 2020

Feeling glum? 10 positive stories you may have missed

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still some good happening in the world. Here are ten of the University of Sydney's most promising and positive stories that you may have missed.
06 August 2020

New global industry standard on mine tailings aims for zero harm

Sydney's UNESCO Professor of Marine Science Elaine Baker is a member of the international advisory panel that oversaw the development of the new protocols.
05 August 2020

Angels in disguise: angelfishes hybridise more frequently than any other coral reef species

Why do some fish species form hybrids while others don't? In attempting to answer this question, new research has uncovered that angelfish are the chief hybridisers of coral reef fish.
04 August 2020

Dingoes have grown and pesticides might be to blame

The average size of a dingo is increasing, but only in areas where poison-baits are used, a collaborative study between University of Sydney and UNSW shows.
30 July 2020

Phoenix stream: the ancient stars that time forgot

Led by PhD student Zhen Wan and his supervisor Professor Geraint Lewis, an international team of astronomers has found a shredded globular cluster on the edge of the Milky Way, the remnant of a type of ancient structure that no longer exists.
28 July 2020

Agriculture careers

Whether you'd like to join the forefront of agricultural research or improve food security to make the planet a better place, studying agriculture will give you highly sought-after skills for a huge range of careers.
22 July 2020

Fauna extinction listings may jump 14 percent after 2019-20 fires

The first study into the impact of Australia's worst-ever bushfires on fauna habitat has found almost 50 species may be added to the listing of endangered species under the EPBC Act, suggesting urgent action is required.

21 July 2020

Eating habits of baby predator starfish revealed

The creatures' varied diet complicates scientists' ability to age them. This makes plans for the management of this invasive species more difficult.
14 July 2020

Groundbreaking autism intervention gets green light

An autism spectrum disorder treatment that addresses child behaviour and parent wellbeing has received government funding, enabling broader delivery to the public.
14 July 2020

Eyes in the sky: how real-time data will revolutionise rice farming

About 10 percent of the world's arable land is dedicated to rice cultivation. Yet there is no consistent global monitoring of yields or greenhouse gas emissions. Working with international collaborators, Professor Budiman Minasny will change that with a real-time app to be called Paddy Watch.