02 September 2021

2021 Eureka Prize finalists announced

Two academics from the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Medicine and Health have been named as Eureka Prize finalists in recognition of their innovative research into solar-cell technology and 3D imaging.
30 August 2021

CUAVA-1 launches for deployment from International Space Station

A satellite designed and built in Sydney is helping pave the way for Australia's scientific and commercial space industry. Mission leader Professor Iver Cairns is Director of CUAVA.
25 August 2021

Where can a degree in psychology honours take you?

Our Bachelor of Psychology Honours will equip you with the skills needed to thrive in a modern workplace and the potential to unlock just about any career path. Find out how our graduates are forging diverse careers beyond clinical psychology.
20 August 2021

One student’s desire to pursue the (bio)chemistry of success

Obtaining opportunities to undertake impactful research projects in the laboratory has accelerated the learning experiences for one chemistry and molecular biology student.
20 August 2021

Do you think you're exclusively straight?

Scientific research has shown that sexuality exists on a spectrum. But how certain are people about where they fit on it? A new study suggests that people's reported sexual orientation can change after reading about the nature of sexual orientation.
16 August 2021

Sydney rises in latest ARWU ranking

The University of Sydney has ranked 69th in the world and 4th in Australia in the 2021 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), improving its position by five places.
11 August 2021

Nine Sydney researchers awarded ARC Future Fellowships

University of Sydney researchers have been awarded more than $17m from the Australian Research Council to tackle challenges of national importance.
05 August 2021

Solving solar puzzle could help save Earth from planet-wide blackouts

Could solar storms knock out the global internet? Yes, but we don't know when or how it could happen. Mathematician Dr Geoffrey Vasil has proposed a new understanding of the Sun's convection zone to help.
02 August 2021

Q-CTRL unveils machine learning technique to pinpoint quantum errors

Professor Michael Biercuk's quantum tech startup makes research strides through continued collaboration with the University to enhance quantum computing performance.
30 July 2021

Social distancing up but still inadequate to control outbreak

University of Sydney model released today finds if even 40 percent of the Greater Sydney population is vaccinated by mid-September, a stricter lockdown must continue until then.