26 December 2023

'Maintain Asian forest diversity to avoid climate change impact'

Research suggests that conservation of Asian forests now can help resist impacts from climate change.
21 December 2023

Why do dogs chew so much - and should we let them?

Professor Paul McGreevy is asking dog owners what they give their dogs to chew on - and how this helps them. You can take part in this landmark study.
15 December 2023

NHMRC awards $31m for innovative health and medical research

Researchers from the University of Sydney have been awarded more than $31 million in grants from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).
15 December 2023

Sydney researchers awarded over $48 million in NHMRC Investigator Grants

Funding awarded in 2023's NHMRC Investigator Grants amounts to more than $48 million, a testament to the breadth of world-class research taking place at the University of Sydney.
14 December 2023

PERIscope puts research translation on the express route

The inaugural round of projects for the PERIscope Commercialisation Award, a scheme which aims to fast-track new ventures and licensing opportunities from University of Sydney researchers, were announced today.
14 December 2023

Climate change threatens a quarter of Australia's low-lying coral reef islands

University of Sydney researchers have found 25 percent of Australia's coral islands, land masses formed by reefs, currently face high to very high risk of being wiped out by climate change.
13 December 2023

University to share in $40 million to combat plastic waste

A new, government-funded co-operative research centre will transform how plastic is designed, used, and recycled to help address one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time.
01 December 2023

Photonic chip that 'fits together like Lego' opens door to local industry

New semiconductor architecture integrates traditional electronics with photonic, or light, components. Designed by Dr Alvaro Casas Bedoya in the School of Physics, the chip could have application in advanced radar, satellites, wireless networks and 6G telecommunications.
01 December 2023

Sydney researchers discover hidden structure in networks like Twitter

Researchers at the University of Sydney have discovered new structural relationships in complex networks, such as X (formerly Twitter) and political blogs, that could help explain the digital flow of information.
30 November 2023

Landscape dynamics determine the evolution of biodiversity on Earth

In groundbreaking research published in Nature, Dr Tristan Salles and colleagues show that sediment flows have set the limits to species diversity on Earth over the past half billion years.