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01 March 2023

NSW Government backs University-led consortium on drug discovery

Professor Michael Kassiou from the Drug Discovery Initiative will lead a new institute using stem-cell derived organoids to accelerate disease treatment.
27 February 2023

Industry collaborations progress research in advanced imaging and vaccination

University of Sydney researchers involved in successful Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-P) grants to advance image guided cancer surgery and develop a needle-free COVID-19 vaccine.
24 February 2023

Science can prevent extinctions for species on the brink of death

New research examining the perilous state of dying species calls for urgent international conservation efforts to develop unified management plans that could help plants and animals return from the brink of extinction. 

21 February 2023

Future Qubit Foundry to keep Australia at the forefront of quantum tech

The Future Qubit Foundry in the Sydney Nanoscience Hub will position Sydney for quantum partnerships with industry and government.
20 February 2023

Older men seen as opinion leaders, but women drive real change

A new study, which analysed the social networks of agricultural communities on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia, identified women as the most influential opinion leaders when it came to encouraging others to trial a new farming tool.
16 February 2023

With advances in neurotech, how can we protect our brain data?

Our neurodata can reveal our most private selves. As brain implants become common, how will it be protected? Christina Maher from the School of Biomedical Engineering and the Brain and Mind Centre outlines a way forward.
15 February 2023

Outstanding researchers supported with prestigious prizes

The 2023 Sydney Research Accelerator (SOAR) Prizes have been awarded to 20 talented academics from across the University.
14 February 2023

Decaf kills coffee withdrawal symptoms

Coffee drinkers can take advantage of a new placebo discovery showing decaffeinated coffee quenches withdrawal symptoms in people reliant on their daily caffeine fix.

14 February 2023

Simulation could help explain nutrients' impact on gut

New research is shedding light on the importance of the communal interplay of gut bacteria, and how nutrients and vitamins may modulate or influence microbiota communities.
13 February 2023

Industry research to tackle oat rust

The University of Sydney will lead an industry study that aims to reduce the impact of damaging crown rust, a fungal pathogen affecting Australian oat production.