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Nutritional Ecology and Physiology Lab

Researching the bases of animal behaviour
The Nutritional Ecology and Physiology Lab, led by Steve Simpson, studies the neural, physiological, ecological and evolutionary bases of animal behaviour.

Our research

Our emphasis is "bottom-up", in that we are especially concerned with the way in which lower-level processes lead to higher level outcomes. Our approach focuses on the behaviour of individual organisms and involves an interplay between theory and experiment.

Most of our experimental work is on insects, although recent work has examined fish, birds and mammals - including humans.

Techniques employed include the quantitative analysis of behaviour, neurophysiology, metabolic and digestive physiology, mathematical modelling, computer simulations and laboratory selection experiments.


For information about opportunities to work or collaborate with the Nutritional Ecology and Physiology Lab, contact Professor Stephen Simpson via Research Supervisor Connect.




Stephen Simpson AC FAA FRS

Academic Director, Charles Perkins Centre, Professor, School of Life and Environmental Sciences
  • Room 94, Level 4 East Charles Perkins Centre D17