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Eggleton Research Group

Photonics and Optical Physics Research
We work closely on some of the most exciting topics in photonic sciences and conduct our research in state-of-the art laboratories.

The Eggleton Research Group is led by optical award-winning physicist Prof. Benjamin J. Eggleton. It enjoys a rich complement of optical physics and optoelectronics research working closely on some of the most innovative topics in photonic sciences.

The research is conducted in state-of-the art laboratories, located in the Sydney Nanoscience Hub and in the School of Physics and are constructed to enable every technological advantage.

The Eggleton Group is part of the Sydney University Institute of Photonics and Optical Science (IPOS) the NSW Smart Sensing Network (NSSN) and is a member of the University of Sydney Nano Institute.

Our aims and research

To develop the experimental and theoretical expertise to design and build linear and nonlinear all-optical signal processing devices, and to miniaturise these, leading to a photonics chip believed to be the building blocks for the next generation of optical systems.

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Benjamin Eggleton

  • The School of Physics (A28) and Sydney Nanoscience Hub The University of Sydney NSW 2006

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