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MIND Research Cluster

'Confidence controls action'
We examine how and why people differ in confidence, and the impact that this has on learning, decision making and well-being.

Our aims

Our ultimate aim is to develop effective strategies for training confidence, thus improving decision making and well-being.

Our projects

Decision making and defence

MINDS members at the University of Sydney, Australia, are collaborating with the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) to understand how fatigue affects our decision making.


Confidence in detecting psychopathy

MINDS members at the University of Sydney, Australia, are collaborating with researchers from University Ulm to explore the relationship between thin-slice judgments of psychopathy and emotion-perception concerning their confidence in those ratings.


Interactive feedback for students

MINDS members are helping students know their strengths and weaknesses with interactive feedback.


For information about opportunities to work or collaborate with us, please contact us.

Our people

  • Associate Professor Sabina Kleitman, Founder and Lead
  • Simon A Jackson, Deputy Chair
  • Prof Lazar Stankov, ACU
  • Associate Professor Hamish MacDougall
  • Professor Judy Kay
  • Dr Bruce Burns
  • Dr Dan Costa, Research associate and lecturer
  • Iain Crossing, PhD Candidate
  • Christina Bader : Masters Candidate
  • Prof Asher Koriat, Professor | University of Haifa
  • Prof Elena L Grigorenko,Professor | Yale University
  • Dr Eugene Aidman, Senior Research Scientist | Land Division, DSTO
  • Prof Oliver Wilhelm, Professor | University Ulm
  • Dr Sally Olderbak, Postdoctoral Researcher | University Ulm
  • Professor Nick Burns, Professor | University of Adelaide
  • Dr Briony Pulford, Senior Lecturer | University of Leicester

Sabina Kleitman

Associate Professor
  • +61 2 9036 5223
  • Brennan MacCallum A18

MIND Research Cluster