Visual Cognition Lab

Investigating how the human brain processes and recalls visual information
We investigate how humans recognise objects and integrate different visual attributes into a coherent, conscious percept. We are also interested in how visual information is encoded into memory and the role attention plays.

Our research

The research in the lab focuses on three broad questions:

  1. How we integrate (or bind) visual features into a coherent object and the role that attention (both spatial and temporal) plays in modulating this binding.
  2. How we encode and recall visual information and how the factors that render this information susceptible to interference from related material.
  3. What are the neural mechanisms underlying learning of simple associations between stimuli and between a stimulus and a response, and how does cognitive control modulate these learnt associations?

We study these questions using a range of methods, including behavioural paradigms; some imaging and brain mapping techniques, such as EEG and TMS; and studying special populations, such as patients with brain lesions and synaesthetes.

Visual Cognition Lab projects

Our current research projects

Work in our lab focuses on high-level vision and selective attention and their neural substrates.

Our people

  • Lauren Shone, PhD Student
  • Martin Goldzieher, PhD Student
  • Cara Wong, Research Associate (part-time)
  • Nicole De Fina, Research Assistant
  • Nicolas Robitaille, Post-doctoral Research Associate
  • Claire Benito, PhD Student
  • Jody Kamminga, Research Assistant
  • Claire O’Callaghan, Research Assistant
  • Michael Little, MSc Student
  • Zoë Terpening, DCN / MSc Student
  • Alexandra Murray, Research Assistant
  • Matthew Cobby, Research Assistant

Group lead

Dr Irina Harris
Dr Irina Harris
Academic profile

Irina Harris

  • Room 522 Griffith Taylor A19
If you would like to be a participant in any our research please contact us at We have several ongoing projects and you will be reimbursed for your time.

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