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Research and Clinical Training Unit

Supporting research from the Veterinary Teaching Hospital Camden
Providing a service for medical professionals, paraprofessional groups and companies to undertake research using animal models or conduct workshops using animal models.

Our research facilities

The unit has a variety of facilities and services. We can handle large groups and provide long term after care for animals, and also undertake veterinary research for pharmaceutical companies and original research studies. We have a wide range of national and international collaborations and access to a range of expertise and facilities, and we welcome approaches from a variety of outside groups.

Current research projects

  • Effect of manuka honey on wound healing in horses.
  • Effect of Protein C on wound healing in horses.
  • Effect of pentosan polysulphate, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid on equine carpal joints using an ostechondral fragment model.
  • Effect of two colloid products on colloid osmotic pressure and other serum variable in horses.
  • Effect of 3 suture patterns on the area of the rima glottis in horses.
  • The effect of age on the mechanical properties of the larynx in horses.
  • The effect of repeated intra-articular sodium pentosan polysulphate and glucosamine on joint fluid variables in horses.
  • The diagnosis, treatment and outcome of tick paralysis in horses.
  • The effect of repeared transracheal aspirate and bronchoalveolar lavage on subsequent samples in normal horses.
  • The relationship between upper airway abnormality and transtracheal aspirate and bronchoalveolar lavage results in horses with poor performance.
  • Comparison of two inspired concentrations of oxygen on oxygenation of horses during general anesthesia.

Our people


For information about opportunities to work or collaborate with us, contact us.


Andrew Dart

Professor of Equine Vetinary Science & Director of the Research and Clinical Training Unit
  • +61 2 4655 1212
  • 410 Werombi Road Camden NSW 2570 University Veterinary Centre, Camden C08

University Veterinary Centre, Camden