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Tia-Jane Freeman

Bachelor of Science (Biology)
We caught up with Tia to find out why she chose to study at the University of Sydney, why she loves science so much and who is her favourite scientist.
Tia-Jane Freeman on campus

Why did you choose to study at the University of Sydney?

During my HSC I came to the University of Sydney to take some preparatory courses and really loved the campus and the environment so I ended up moving here from Newcastle.

Why did you choose to study a science degree?

I chose to study science because it's something I've been passionate about, I've always liked the idea of getting into research and being able to further our understanding of the world.

Who is your favourite scientist and why?

I think one of my favourite scientists would be Dave Goulson, who has had an important role in bee conservation, as well as making an effort to make this information more accessible to the non-scientific community.

What is your favourite experience studying science at Sydney?

My favourite experience so far would definitely be getting to volunteer on projects and discover first-hand what being a researcher really involves.