OTG - The Ocean Technology Group

The Ocean Technology web page is being updated and will have a description of recent activities. Themes, being pursued include sky brightening to reduce coral bleaching, Ocean Nourishment to increase fish stocks and reduce climate warming, Sydney Harbour numerical geobiochemical model and satellite remote sensing of the ocean.

This is the Ocean Technology Group of the University of Sydney, NSW, Australia. Sydney University, Australia's oldest university, is located near the city centre and close to beautiful surfing and swimming beaches. It has one of the largest libraries in the southern hemisphere (over 4.5 million items).

The Ocean Technology Group it attempts to produce innovations by following a planned process. The Waves from Space project is an example, using Satellite Remote Sensing. The Group's most recent innovation project was to develop a sonic pavement probe able to rapidly provide information on road pavement stiffness by non-destructive testing. Ocean Nourishment is another innovative technology under study. Examples of papers published by the Ocean Technology Group can be found at Jones & Young (1995), at Jones & Otaegui (1997) and Lawrence (2013).

The Ocean Technology Group is also connected with the Earth Ocean & Space Pty Ltd http://www.earthoceanspace.com, developers of greenhouse gas mitigation technology. A joint paper with Earth Ocean & Space can be seen at Gunaratnam & Young (1995) .
Click here for recent greenhouse gas mitigation papers.

The Group has funds to provide part time work for a Mechanical Engineer to develop system for researching the GBR. There is top up funds for a MPhil in Geosciences student interested in Ocean Nourishment.

Competitive scholarships are available to top graduates. Closing dates are:
Overseas students- 31 August;
Australian students-31 October.

For further information, including details of scholarships for post-graduate research, contact Ian Jones on +61 2 9351-4585 or .