Daniel Harrison with zooplankton net

Daniel Harrison collecting zooplankton

Daniel Harrison collecting zooplankton data for a paper published in 2015.

Assoc Professor Phil Mulhearn in China with Bruce Judd, Dec. 2009

Phil Mulhearn in China with Bruce Judd

Bruce Judd has been invited to take part in a technology exchange workshop in China

Bruce Judd

Bruce Judd, former Engineer of the year, is interested in technology exchange with China as a way of combining Chinese clean coal technology with Greenhouse Gas mitigation focusing on the ocean. He will visit China in December together with Professor Shying Zhang, a frequent Visiting Scholar in the School, to arrange a second technology exchange workshop following an earlier workshop held at the University in 2005.

Memories of The Bulletin - Blown to Blazes and Other Works of J.B. Blair


David Blair, of the Ocean Technology Group, has published a book, Blown to Blazes and Other Works of J.B. Blair. It is a collection of 57 short stories, mostly humorous, written by his father and originally published in The Bulletin in the 1930s to 1950s. The Bulletin, from its 1880 founding to its closure as recently as January 2008, was Australia’s most significant weekly magazine. J.B. (Jim) Blair was its political editor, 1948–60. The book includes 100 drawings by acclaimed illustrators and much commentary, including related Bulletin history. Further information is available on the website


S.F. Jones

Prof. Ian S.F. Jones was invited to give a seminar on the topic of “Increasing carbon storage in the ocean” in the OTO ’08 Tutorial Committee programs. The event will be held on 8 April 2008 in Kobe International Exhibition Hall, Japan. Prof. Ian S.F. Jones together with Dr Takashi Ohsumi will joint present the seminar on that day. For detailed information, please visit the conference website.

Days of Sail

Days of Sail

Recently, Professor Ian S.F. Jones has finished the second edition of his book about ocean exploration. The book has also been translated into Chinese. A Chinese website is up and running.

STUDY GOES GREEN - SMH October 6-7, 2007

The search for a way to save the planet is on in earnest - By Tanya Ryan-Segger.


Underwater Archaeology

Associate Professor Phil Mulhearn has examined some advanced underwater imaging systems for use in the search for remains of Zheng He's chinese ships that travelled to the region near present day Oman.

Phil Mulhearn


The BBC News and Current Affairs filmed part of a documentary about Ocean Nourishment in January, 2007. Watch this space for airtime on BBC World.


Fish imaging

David Blair and Bruce Pease of the Fisheries Research Institute, NSW Fisheries are collaborating and research into acoustic fish images. David has extensive experience in Underwater Acoustic Imaging, UAI, while Bruce has a background in fish identification and behavior.


The program of underwater investigation in search of artifacts from Zheng He's voyages from China to the middle East were advanced by the visit of Associate Professor PJ Mulhearn to Oman in May 2006. Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences are to carry out a preliminary survey in 2007 and the team will return the following year to investigate promising sites with the latest acoustic imaging equipment.


Professor Ian S F Jones presented a seminar at Stanford University in September, 2006 pointing out how study the pulse of nutrient introduced into the sea by the Herbert river provided insights for Ocean Nourishment, the purposeful introduction of urea to increase ocean productivity and to sequester carbon in the ocean. Sydney University has been collaborating with James Cook University to observe the increase in phytoplankton when there is a flood of the Herbert River.


ECOR Symposium 2006 will be held on 23 March 2006 at Excel Centre, London, UK in conjunction with Ocean International 2006. Professor Jones will present a paper on climate change.

Australia - China Conference

Ocean Technology Group is organized a conference in November, 2005 in Sydney and Canberra to increase collaboration between Australian and Chinese scientists and engineers working in the area of Ocean Technology. A second meeting in this new series is planned for November 2006 in Beijing - ffi A/Prof PJ Mulhearn.

EASy Workshop

There will be a workshop for EASy during early November 2005.This Environmental Analysis System is being used by the group to depict the marine resources in the waters adjacent to Morocco.

Oceanic Resource Council (ECOR)

Professor Jones has been appointed to the Engineering Committee on Oceanic Resource Council. ECOR a member of ICSU, support expert panels and working groups to investigate topical issues about the ocean.

Field Trip

John Buck, Fullbright Fellow in the Ocean Technology Group is in Queensland acoustically tracking migrating whales.

Lindau Foundation Nobel Laureate Meeting

Lioudmila Ametistova was selected to attend the Lindau Foundation Nobel Laureate meeting at Lake Constance, Germany. The group were in Lindau from 26 June to 1 July 2005, to meet with some 50 Nobel Laureates and 600 students from around the globe. The group participated in plenary sessions, roundtable debates and small group discussion within and beyond their respective disciplines.


Australian Marine Sciences Association Annual Conference

Nurhidayah "Nellie" A Razak won the CSIRO's MFR Prize for Best Interdisplinary Presentation during Australian Marine Sciences Association Annual Conference (AMSA 2005) in Darwin.


First Exchange Students for Graduate Course

Two students are spending semester 2, 2003 in the Ocean Technology Group as exchange students under the Sydney-Tokyo exchange agreement. They will study greenhouse gas mitigation.

American Appointment

Ian Jones has been appointed a research associate of the Earth Engineering Center, Columbia University, NY. The EEC is part of the Columbia Earth Institute which aims to integrate the study of the Earth, its environment and society. Through global partnership it mobilizes source and technology to advance sustainable development, while placing special emphasis on the needs of the world's poor.

Conference Organization

Phil Mulhearn is serving on the scientific committee of the Shallow Survey 2003 Conference, in Sydney. The conference aims to compare different methods of mapping and sea bed classification in Nov. 2003.