Ocean Technology Group - Annual Report 2004

The Ocean Technology Group provides a focus for those activities within the Faculty of Engineering that bear on the construction and management of resources used in the ocean. The Group is affiliated with the Institute of Marine Science of the University of Sydney.

The Group focuses on research areas such as:

  • The engineering properties of marine sediments
  • The measurement of the ocean from satellites
  • The development of ocean instruments
  • The determination of wind flow around offshore structures
  • Flux of Greenhouse gases into the ocean
  • Underwater acoustic imaging
  • Ocean nourishment

Academic Staff

  • Professor Ian S F Jones (CE)
  • Assoc. Prof. DonWhite(CE)
  • Assoc. Prof. Phil Mulhearn(ME)
  • Assoc. Prof. Doug Cato(USIMS)
  • Mr Andrei Lozzi(ME)
  • Dr. John Dunlop(CE)

Visiting Scholars

  • Assoc. Prof. John Buck, Uni. of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, USA(9.2003 -6.2004)
  • Dr Ewa Kwiatkowska, NASA, USA (Jan. to February 2004)
  • Assoc. Prof. Reza Mobasheri, Teheran, Iran(7.2004)
  • Dr David Blair (9.2004-9.2005)
  • Professor Shuying Zhang, Shanghai Acoustic Lab., (2004)


  • Professor Gu Yaping,Shanghai Acoustics Lab., (2004)
  • Professor Zhang Jun,Shanghai Acoustics Lab.,(2004)
  • Mr Yu Zha, Shanghai Acoustics Lab., (2004)
  • Professor Guofu, 2nd Institute of Oceanography(8.04)
  • Professor Yincan, 2nd Institute of Oceanography (8.04)
  • Dr Jiaxue Wu, Tongji University, China(31.1.04 - 29.3.04)
  • Professor Dale Kiefer, Uni.of Southern California (10.04)
  • Professor Toru Sato, University of Tokyo (11.04)
  • Professor Jun Takahashi, University of Tokyo (11.04)
  • Dr Weigan Huang, Professor Haisheng Zhang, Dr Qian Lin and Professor Weimin Jin, 2nd Instituteof Oceanography, Hangzhou (11.04)


  • Ms Lioudmila Ametistova(PhD) - Sediment in the GBR
  • Mr Chien Hsing Lu (Doc.Eng.Prac.)
  • Ms Pik Vimonses (M.E.S.) - Greenhouse Gas
  • Mr Ibrahim Rasheed (M.E.S.) - Greenhouse Gas
  • Mr Anthony Edington (M.E(Res)) - Ocean Nourishment
  • Ms Satako Asai (University of Tokyo, Semester 2,2004)
  • Mr Akira Sato (University of Tokyo, Semester 2, 2004)
  • Mr Koji Tsumuraya (University of Tokyo, Semester 2, 2004)

Administrative Officer

  • Sally Hill


4th Yr theses from Engineering Faculty:

  • DanielHarrison
  • Tim Morrison
  • Ben Orford
  • Karolina Kosminicki
  • David Garton