Degrees & Units of Study

The Ocean Technology Group provides education for graduate students from many countries. It is strengthening its program for students wishing to obtain a Master of Engineering or a Master of Science degree by research. Our research degrees focus on encouraging studentsto continue the learning process throughout their life. Many people in the community are now seeing the problem solving approach of engineering as making an engineering degree the "liberal arts degree for the 21st century".


Master Degree: MES Masters Degree by research work and graduate courses. Obtain a specialist degree in environmental engineering or science by earning 48 credit points in one year full time. For example a student can take a 12 unit research project, 12 units on Greenhouse Gas issues, 12 units of Environmental Law and Decision Making. This leaves 12 units to be selected from the broad range of courses in the University of Sydney's many Faculties, or from another university. In particular these credits can be taken at prominent overseas universities, but this typically adds 4 months to the degree. However, an overseas visit enriches the educational experience.

Graduate Certificate: Students can take a Graduate Certificate in Greenhouse Gas Mitigation where the specialist units of study are offered by the Ocean Technology Group.

Graduate Diploma in Environmental Engineering: The Graduate Certificate can be articulated to a Graduate Diploma by earning 12 more credit points.

Master of Engineering Studies in Environmental Engineering: The Graduate Certificate can be articulated to a Masters Degree by undertaking a 24 credit point thesis or by taking 12 credit points of additional course work and a 12 credit point project. Start in January or July. Often projects are available in the Summer School period.

Master of Engineering Studies (Environmental Fluids): Our new degree allows a major project and coursework

Units of Study

The Units of Study offered by the Ocean Technology Group can be seen through the current students option of the University of Sydney home page.

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In 2003 16% of the students failed this UoS and 8% received high distinction. This is a difficult course but there is sympathic support for ESL problems. Ability to allocate the time required seems important in obtaining good grades.

ENGG 5610
Environmental Studies at University of Tokyo

Environmental Oceanography and Meteorology

The Fluid Environment

Mixing in the Marine Environment

Seminar: The Ocean Technology Group hold its seminar each Tuesday afternoon.

Anthony Heynen presenting a talk about Ocean Nourishment.

Anthony Heynen presenting a talk about Ocean Nourishment.