Satellite Remote Sensing

Sulu Sea studies

Using the SEAWifs satellite, the seasonal fluctuations of chlorophyll concentrations in the centre of the Sulu Sea have been estimated. This work extends that in Jones(2002) Primary Production in the Sulu Sea, Proc. Indian Acad. Sci., 111, 209-213.

Sulu sea graph

Further work is in progress using sensors on ENVISAT-MERIS for chlorophyll and AATSR for sea surface temperatures to understand the oceanographic processes behind these seasonal fluctuations.

Water visibility

Work is underway on improving our ability to estimate water properties and in particular visibility. Some early work is reported in

Ainsworth, E J and I S F Jones (1999) Radiance spectra classification from the ocean color and temperature scanner on ADEOS. IEEE Trans. Geoscience and remote sensing, 37 1645-1656.