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Academic progression

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Academic progression support

To give yourself the best chance of improving your circumstances and achieving the academic progression requirements of your course, you should make the most of the range of services offered to you at the University.

If you’re starting to fail assessments or units of study or are just finding it hard to stay on top of your studies, ask for help early.


Staying on track questionnaire

The Staying on track questionnaire is a great place to start. It will help you identify areas you are having difficulty with and connect you to support tools and services that may help. You’ll then receive a tailored guide to staying on track with tips, advice and referrals based on the issues you identified in the questionnaire. You can access your guide any time during semester. You can also download a template so that you can create your own action plan.

Complete the questionnaire

Staying on track info session

You can also attend a Staying on track info session or request the digital information pack. During the session we‘ll help you develop an action plan for you to to follow to get your studies back on track.

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Faculty progression advisors

If you’re worried about your results and academic progress, we recommend first talking to staff in your school or college.

If you're struggling with a particular unit of study, contact your Program Director. If you have general concerns about your academic progression, contact

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences holds academic progression advice sessions throughout semester.

Register for a session. If there are no sessions listed, email

If you have concerns about your academic progression, please contact your relevant Program Manager

If you are on the progression register and have concerns, please contact Business School Student Support at

For further information regarding academic advice, check our academic advice page.

If you have questions or concerns about your academic progression, email the Engineering Progression and Appeals Officer at

Master’s degrees and Graduate Diplomas

If you have concerns about your academic progression, contact

Bachelor of Laws and Juris Doctor

If you have concerns about your academic progression, contact

Sydney School of Health Sciences

If you fail a unit of study, you need to repeat it at the earliest opportunity.

If you fail two clinical or professional fieldwork units of study, you’ll be required to meet with the Associate Dean, Work Integrated Learning, to discuss your enrolment options.

Academic advisers may prescribe an enrolment plan if you’re repeating failed units of study, taking into account the non-standard study load and timetable difficulties.

If you’re struggling with a particular unit of study, contact your unit of study coordinator. If you have general concerns about your academic progression, contact your Program leader.

If you’re struggling with a particular unit of study, contact your unit of study coordinator. If you want to book an appointment with an academic advisor and find answers to common progression questions, check the Science Student portal on Canvas. You can check the academic advice page for general advice.

If you have further questions, contact

Academic skills support

If you’re struggling to keep up, you may need to look at your study techniques and how you are managing your time. You can access free, one-on-one consultations and workshops with the Learning hub to get targeted help building your academic, communication, learning and research skills.

Wellbeing support

There may be other things going on for you that are affecting your ability to focus on your studies.

One-on-one professional and confidential psychological and mental health services are free and available through our Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS).

There are a range of other support services at the University:

Inclusion and disability services

If you are experiencing a disability which directly impacts your study, we encourage you to seek support from Inclusion and Disability Services, this may assist you in future management of your academic study. 

Student rights and advocacy officers

Your student association can provide you with free and confidential support and advice that's completely independent from the University.

Student Rights Officers (SROs), also known as advocates, or their equivalent are available at your campus to:

  • help you prepare your response to an academic progress email (including advising you on the evidence to provide in support of your written response)
  • support you at an Academic Progress Committee hearing by helping you prepare and accompanying you
  • provide advice about appeals against exclusion. 

If you are an undergraduate student, contact the SRC’s Caseworker Help service.

If you are a postgraduate student, contact SUPRA’s Postgraduate Advocacy Service.

Have a question?

I received an academic progression register letter, what should I do?

If you’ve received a letter it’s because we’ve identified that you may need additional academic advice or support with

I have submitted my show good cause letter, should I still enrol?

If you have submitted your show cause documents and you’re waiting for a decision, you should enrol in classes and continue

I failed a unit of study, what should I do?

Don’t panic. Failing a unit is of course disappointing but the important thing is to take some time to work out what it is More...

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