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AHPRA registration

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) is responsible for the registration and accreditation of various health professions in Australia. If you are enrolled in a course to enter one of these professions, we will provide AHPRA with your details for student registration.

If you are enrolled in a program for one of the following professions, you are required to be registered as a student with AHPRA:

  • dentistry
  • medical practitioner
  • nurse or midwife
  • pharmacy
  • physiotherapy
  • psychology (Master of Clinical Psychology and Master of Clinical Psychology/Doctor of Philosophy)
  • medical radiation practitioner
  • occupational therapy.

You do not need to apply or pay for your student registration. We will provide all the required information to AHPRA directly. You can find more information about AHPRA student registration and what we are required to report to AHPRA on their website.

Your obligations

While you have student registration with AHPRA, you are required to notify your local office within seven days if:

  • you have been charged with an offence punishable by 12 months imprisonment or more
  • you are convicted or found guilty of an offence punishable by imprisonment
  • your student registration in another country has been suspended or cancelled.

When you graduate

When you graduate, you are responsible for your own registration as a health professional with AHPRA.

You can generally submit a graduate application for registration about six weeks before receiving your final results. After your results are released and you’ve received your completion letter confirming you have completed the requirements of your course, your faculty or school will send your details to AHPRA. AHPRA can then finalise your application.

Contact your faculty or school if you have any questions about your details being provided to AHPRA. You can also check the status of your application with AHPRA.

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Last updated: 09 September 2022

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