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Business placements, projects and study tours

Business Consulting Practicum

Gain practical business experience, collaborating with other students on a consulting project addressing a real problem provided by our sponsor organisations. Sponsors include corporate, small or medium-sized enterprise, not-for-profit or government organisations.

In this unit you will:

  • research the issues presented by the industry project and determine its scope and key deliverables in consultation with the sponsor
  • apply theoretical knowledge learned in class, and critically analyse information and data accessed during research to provide possible solutions to the problems and challenges identified
  • receive a total of six credit points towards your degree by successfully completing the Business School elective or selective unit of study.

The unit cannot count towards your major, minor or specialisation. As you’ll need to have at least six credit points of elective or selective space available to participate, we recommend planning your degree early to leave yourself room. Check your handbook for more information on how this unit can contribute towards your degree.

Once enrolled in the program, make sure you read the student responsibilities statement to ensure you understand your responsibilities.

A minimum enrolment number is required for the unit to proceed. If minimum numbers are not met the unit may be cancelled.

This unit is open to eligible Business School students.



To be eligible to apply, you will need to:

  • have 6 credit points of available space in your degree
  • have completed a minimum of 24 credit points of undergraduate business units before you begin the unit of study if you’re enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce (including combined degrees).

To be eligible to undertake this unit, you need to be enrolled in one of the following Business School degrees:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (including combined degrees)
  • Master of Commerce
  • Master of Commerce (Extension)
  • Master of Human Resources and Industrial Relations
  • Master of International Business
  • Master of Professional Accounting
  • Master of Professional Accounting and Business Performance.

How to apply

Check in Sydney Student to see the sessions when this unit is available then select the relevant unit:

  • BWIL1300 for undergraduate students
  • BWIL6300 for postgraduate students

Financial information

Fees and costs

You'll need to pay tuition fees for the BWIL1300/BWIL6300 unit of study.

The fee debt will be incurred after the semester census date.

Last updated: 11 September 2023

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