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Planning your course

Choose your units of study

Once you understand the different course components, you can make decisions about the area you want to specialise in, if applicable to your course, and the units of study you’d like to complete.

Unit of study choice is important and can determine what you study in later years. While you can make changes down the track, it’s a good idea to think ahead when deciding on your enrolment.


Reflect on your interests

Before choosing your units of study, consider the following.

  • What you think you’ll enjoy – it’s difficult to succeed in a major that you dislike, even if you think it’s a good career choice.
  • Whether you want to focus on particular disciplines, or gain knowledge across many subjects.
  • What you hope to gain from studying at the University – a particular job when you graduate, the experience of studying overseas or the development of particular skills through your studies.


Once you have a good idea of what you want to get out of your studies, do some more research into your options and explore how they might help you meet your goals.

Check your handbook for information about the requirements for your course, and the different units of study available to you. You will need to ensure you meet these requirements for your degree.

If you’re a student visa holder, you also need to be aware of any visa conditions that may affect your unit of study choice.


Make your choices

There are additional tools you can use to help you plan your studies.

If you are commencing a liberal studies degree on its own or combined with the Bachelor of Advanced Studies, or a specialist degree, follow our step-by-step guide to help you plan your liberal studies or specialist degree.

If you commenced one of our liberal studies degrees before 2018, or are starting in a combined degree other than the Bachelor of Advanced Studies, refer to our information for other degrees for any additional information relevant to your faculty or school.


You might find it helpful to fill out our blank course planner template (pdf, 42KB). This is a simple method to map out the units you think you'll complete in each semester of your course.

Save a copy so you can update it as you progress through your course.

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Last updated: 05 June 2024

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