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Exam timetables

COVID-19 update: moving to online tests and exams

As the University has moved to online teaching this semester, we will no longer be holding in-person written exams.

Check our Coronavirus advice page for up-to-date information on mid-semester tests.

Refer to your unit of study Canvas site for details about your mid-semester assessment. If you need to complete an online mid-semester test, you can find more information on the Taking online tests Canvas site. The University will use ProctorU to proctor online exams. Find out more about privacy and security for online tests and exams.

We provide you with a personalised timetable for all formal, end-of-semester exams. The link to exam timetables will be provided here when timetables are available.

We update this link for each exam period, so it's best not to bookmark this.

Understanding your exam timetable

Your exam timetable will include:

  • date
  • time and duration
  • campus
  • exam venue with map
  • seat number
  • exam conditions.

If you haven't received a timetable, or if any of the details on your timetable don’t match your enrolment, you should contact us.

Seat allocation

Your exam venue and seat number will be included on your timetable. These will most likely be different for every exam you take.

When you arrive at the exam venue, confirm your seat number and Student ID on the seating list outside the exam room. You need to sit in your allocated seat.

Exam types

  • Written exams - hand-written exams
  • Practical/oral - practical exam which is managed by your discipline
  • Computer lab - your exam will take place on a computer. It may also contain a written component.

Exam conditions

  • Open book - you can bring any written or printed reference materials and notes to your exam (excluding University of Sydney library books and electronic devices).
  • Restricted open book - you can bring reference materials and notes specified on your timetable. For example, this may be:
    • one A4 sheet of handwritten notes
    • a particular textbook
  • Closed book - you cannot bring any reference materials.

Exam adjustments

Disability Services helps students who have a disability to access reasonable adjustments for exams. They can also help students who have a temporary condition or injury and require adjustments for their exam. Find out about registering with Disability Services.

If you've been approved to have exam adjustments, these will appear on your personal exam timetable.

Exam clashes

If you have two or more exams scheduled at the same time, you'll receive an email explaining your arrangements. Your exams will usually be rescheduled as follows:

  • Two exams clash - you will take both exams on the same day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon with a least a 40-minute break in between.
  • Three exams clash - you will take two exams on the same day and the third exam on the following day.

You will sit your exam in the clash room (this will be on your timetable). This venue includes an exam room and a break-out room where you can store your belongings and study in-between your exams. If one of your exams is a practical or computer lab exams, you will take that exam as normal and then be escorted to or from the clash room.

You'll be taking your exam at a different time to other students, to ensure the integrity of the exam, you won't be permitted to:

  • leave the clash room without a supervisor
  • use a smart or electronic device, including a phone, watch, tablet or laptop
  • access your bag after you are seated for the first exam
  • access the internet
  • communicate with any person inside or outside the clash room until after your second exam.

On the day you'll need to:

  • bring the letter/email you received from the Exams Office about the clash
  • bring written materials and text books to study from
  • bring any food, drinks and/or medication you require. Tea, coffee and water is provided.

You will not be able to contact your friends and family until after your second exam, so you may want to inform them of this before your exam.

In-semester exam clashes

If you have a clash of exam-based assessments during semester, you should discuss alternative arrangements with your unit of study coordinator.

Undergraduate recital examinations

Recitals are the main exam for performance students.

You need to be available throughout the examination period and attend your scheduled time.

Your recital can only be deferred if you're granted special consideration. Find out more about applying for special consideration. You will need to provide a medical certificate as part of your application.

If you have any questions or issues regarding the scheduling of your recital, contact your unit of study coordinator and the Conservatorium timetable coordinator at

Other undergraduate forms, policies, guidelines and procedures relevant to your study at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music can now be found on Canvas. You can download the recital program template to produce your own printed programs on the Sydney Conservatorium of Music Canvas site.

Postgraduate coursework students recital examinations

All postgraduate forms, policies, guidelines and procedures relevant to your study at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music can now be found on Canvas.

Make sure you’re aware of the following exam requirements:

  • At the beginning of the examination semester, or in the semester before the examination, you need to contact your teacher and Unit of Study Coordinator to discuss your repertoire, performance requirements and the availability of associate artists/accompanists.
  • You can download the recital program template to produce your own printed programs on the Sydney Conservatorium of Music Canvas site. Provive at least four copies for the panel and stage management, with additional copies for the audience, if possible.
  • Recitals need to be keep within the time allotted. Your recital will be stopped if it runs overtime. If you have technical difficulties that will take longer than 5 mins to rectify, your recital will be postponed to the end of the recital day.
  • Recital examinations are automatically recorded for archival and quality assurance purposes. If you need to access your recording for any reason, please contact the Conservatorium production team. The recording cannot be uploaded onto any file sharing device.

Postgraduate research students

If you are undertaking the Master of Music (Performance) or the Doctor of Musical Arts (Performance or Conducting), you need to give notice of your final recital.

CAPS exam tips

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