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Calculators and dictionaries

COVID-19 update: changes to calculator and dictionary approval

As the Student Centre is closed for in-person enquiries, we are unable to approve calculators and linguistic dictionaries in-person before your exam. Make sure your calculator or dictionary meets the outlined requirements. If you have a proctored exam, you may be asked to show your calculator or dictionary during the exam.

Only calculators on this list will be approved for use in University of Sydney examinations by the Student Centre. This list is subject to change.




  • F717SGA


  • fx-82AU
  • fx-82AU PLUS
  • fx-82AU PLUS II
  • fx-85MS
  • fx-100AU
  • fx-100AU PLUS
  • fx-350MS

Hewlett Packard

  • HP10S
  • HP10S+
  • HP300S+


  • JasCS1
  • JasCS EVO
  • JasCS2 EVO


  • FB 350MS


  • SciPlus-2200
  • SciPlus-2300


  • EL-531TH
  • EL-531VH
  • EL-531WH
  • EL-531X
  • EL-531XH
  • EL-W531HA
  • EL-W532TH
  • EL-W532XH

Financial calculators

If you’re using a financial calculator in an exam, you need to get it checked and approved before your exam. You can visit the Finance office 547 in the Codrington Building (H69) between the following times to have your calculator approved:

  • Mondays between 9-11.30am and 1.30-4pm
  • Wednesdays between 9-11.30am and 1.30-4pm

If your calculator has previously been approved and the sticker is still intact you can continue to use it in exams.

Only non-programmable, financial calculators that are on the following list can be approved. This list is subject to change.

  • Casio fx-50FH
  • Casio fx-82CN X
  • Casio fx-95CN X
  • Casio fc-100V
  • Casio fx-100MS
  • Casio fx-115ES PLUS
  • Casio fx-115MS
  • Casio fc-200V
  • Casio fx-220 PLUS
  • Casio fx-500ES
  • Casio fx-570ES
  • Casio fx-570ES PLUS
  • Casio fx-570MS
  • Casio fx-570SPX
  • Casio fx-991CN X
  • Casio fx-991ES PLUS
  • Casio fx-991MS
  • Casio fx 3650P
  • Deli DL-1710 
  • HP 10bII+
  • HP 10S+
  • HP 12c Platinum
  • HP 300S+
  • InSystem IN-F16 
  • Sharp EL-531X or XG or XH
  • Sharp EL-533X 
  • Sharp EL-738F / Sharp EL-738FB
  • Sharp EL-W531S
  • Texas Instruments BA II Plus
  • Texas Instruments TI-30XB
  • Texas Instruments TI-30XS

Linguistic dictionaries

Students from a non-English speaking background can apply for permission to use a standard linguistic dictionary in examinations. You will need to visit the Student Centre to have your linguistic dictionary approved. Once checked and stamped, you can use it in exams throughout your University enrolment. The Student Centre can only approve a dictionary that is English to foreign language or vice versa (bilingual).

The Student Centre cannot approve:

  • dictionaries that contain images of any kind. This includes dictionaries that have had pages with images torn out.
  • electronic dictionaries
  • dictionaries containing notes
  • standard English-to-English dictionaries
  • textbook-style dictionaries, such as an accounting dictionary
  • textbooks of any kind.

Student Centre

Limited service

As a precaution, we’re currently closed for in-person enquiries.

Find out more about our service


1800 SYD UNI (1800 793 864)
or +61 2 8627 1444

Opening hours: 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.


Last updated: 27 July 2020

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