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Postgraduate Research Support Scheme

PRSS is a scheme introduced by the University in 2001 to provide direct support for currently enrolled postgraduate research students, the scheme distributes $1.5 million in funding. 

Under the scheme, eligible students can apply for funding to their relevant school or faculty and are notified of the outcome after a ranking process has been completed. Selection committees will consider the quality of an applicant's research progress relative to opportunity and stage of candidature, demonstrated need for funding, and priorities, if any, placed on the different expenditure categories by the Faculty or School.

You will not be able to save your application to return at a later time.

Please note that not all Faculties and University Schools will be accepting applications for PRSS in 2021. Instead, they will be distributing their funding allocation equitably among currently enrolled students in their cohort who meet the eligibility requirements. If your Faculty or School does not appear in the drop-down lists, then they are not accepting applications this round.