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Reference Manager Use Agreement

Please read the policy carefully then indicate your agreement to act in accordance with the terms.

The University wide license for Reference Manager includes "registered students, employed faculty and all other employees of the University of Sydney". The software is only covered by this license "so long as they are registered students at the University of Sydney or are employed by the University of Sydney". When your association with the University of Sydney in any of the above capacities is finished you will need to purchase your own license, unless you are covered by another organisation's site license. The software may be used "at the site or at their principal residence". However, use of the software at the principal residence is "limited to use related to course work, research or other work directly related to the user's relationship with the University of Sydney".

The software must not be "copied or downloaded on to any non-eligible user's personal disc for personal use".

I accept - take me to Reference Manager