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Gender affirmation at Sydney

We want to promote a positive experience for students who are affirming their gender. We've gathered information and support services to assist our trans, gender diverse and non-binary students during their studies at Sydney. 


We’ve consulted directly with the University’s Diversity and Inclusion team, members of the Pride Network Steering Committee, and trans and gender diverse staff as well as leading external bodies to provide gender affirmation support for students. The information outlined reflects requirements in government legislation and key University polices such as the Staff and Affiliates Code of Conduct, Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Policy and Student Charter.

We acknowledge that the gender affirmation process is different for every individual based on their personal, social and health needs. There will inevitably be circumstances not covered in the following information. For support tailored to your unique circumstances, please reach out to the Pride Network.

What would you like information on?

Bathroom facilities

Check the location of your preferred toilet and bathroom facilities.

Gender affirmation plan

A personalised plan with assistance from a student liaison support officer.

Government records

Check details match government records such as the USI Registry and myGov.

Legal name

How you can ask us to update your legal name in Sydney Student.

Personal details

Let us know your preferred or chosen name, pronouns or gender.

Student card

FInd how to apply for a replacement student card if you qualify.

Study adjustments

Understand study adjustments for help completing your studies.


Connect with somebody you can trust at the University or in the community.

Other systems and records

Find out how to update your details in other systems, such as in Canvas.

Last updated: 27 October 2023

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