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HDR units of study

When to enrol in HDR units

You are expected to choose your first Table R coursework units in the first 3 months of full-time equivalent (FTE) candidature. Coursework needs to be completed by the end of Year 2 (FTE) for doctoral candidates (PhDs) and by the end of Year 1 (FTE) for masters students.

You need to be aware of the relevant enrolment deadlines for both the research and coursework components of your degree. This is because postgraduate research students effectively study across two different academic calendars, the coursework calendar and research period calendar. Before you enrol, check our Study dates page for the:

  • census date for each research period – this is the last date you can enrol in a research period
  • last day to add for coursework – this is the last date you can add a Table R unit for your coursework
  • census date for coursework - this is the last date you can drop a Table R unit for your coursework without incurring academic penalty.

For example, if you commence your degree in Research Period 2 of 2023, the start date for your research will be 1 March. You would need to enrol in your first coursework unit by March 3 which is the last day to add a coursework unit for Semester 1, 2023. If you miss that deadline, you may not be able to commence your coursework until Semester 2 in August at the earliest, despite being enrolled in Research Period 2.

Enrolment deadlines and study dates vary each year, and are listed on the Study dates page.

Last updated: 22 May 2023

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