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Internship Program

If you are enrolled in a degree in the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning, the Internship Program gives you the opportunity to work in industry as part of your degree.

The program provides a valuable opportunity for students in the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning to build your industry networks and utilise your skills in practical workplace settings such as leading architecture studios or design and government agencies. Current and previous partners include Atlassian, Lendlease, Architectus, ARUP and the NSW Government.

The objectives of the internship program are:

  • To provide a direct link between the academic core of the course and the disciplines and methods of practice.
  • To enable candidates to experience aspects of practice and provide the opportunity for them to work in areas of the field outside their specific expertise.
  • To enable candidates to observe, analyse and comment on the interaction between theoretical and practical issues of their program as it is practiced.
  • To establish connections between practice and the development of relevant research programs.


  • Open to enrolled undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • A minimum of 48 credit points must be completed to enrol in the program.
  • The program is an elective unit of study worth 6 credit points. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have room in your degree to undertake this unit. Refer to the School Handbook for the requirements of your degree.

Time commitment

The internship placement is for 120 hours. Depending on your timetable, you can be at your placement full time in a shorter block or part time over a longer period.


Summer break (January - February)

Semester 1 (February - May)

Winter break (June - July)

Semester 2 (August – November)


Internships can be paid or unpaid, on agreement between the host and student. Students are covered comprehensively by the University of Sydney student insurance policy.


You will be required to keep a logbook throughout your internship and submit a report which will be assessed by the academic supervisor of the unit of study. The host supervisor will sign off on your logbook, noting attendance, diligence and learning outcomes.

How to apply

The internship application is a three-part process of the following steps:

  1. Email your Program Director to discuss and seek approval to participate. You will not be able to enrol unless you have received this written approval.
  2. Enrol in the relevant units in Sydney Student: When you select the unit, you'll be prompted to apply for departmental permission so that we can assess whether you have room in your degree. As part of your application you will need to upload your email from your Program Director approving your enrolment in the unit.
  3. Contact the internship coordinator, to request legal agreements that you are required to sign. Before commencing your internship, you will need to sign these legal agreements, alongside representatives from the host organisation and the University, agreeing to terms of placement and learning outcomes.

Taylor Musa

Internship Coordinator
Last updated: 15 January 2021

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