MFA: instructions to help you maintain access to University systems

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) has been implemented within our University community and is now required to log in to key University applications. To avoid being locked out of your account all users should follow these self-service instructions:

  • If you get a new phone, log in to Okta and edit your profile to transition from your old phone, to your new phone. Step-by-step instructions are available to help you.

This action is critical to avoid the need to call the Shared Services Centre (SCC) to re-verify your identity and go through the set-up steps again.

It is also highly recommended that you: 

  • Don't delete the Okta Verify app without a backup
  • If you have a second phone or a tablet, setup Authenticator as a backup in case you lose or damage your phone.


  • Turn on 'Okta Verify push notifications' on the log-in screen, to avoid typing in a six-digit code each time you log on
  • When logging in, select ‘Do not challenge me on this device again’ to minimise the number of times you are asked to verify your access
  • To further strengthen your overall cybersecurity, turn MFA/2FA on for all your personal services where possible (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail etc.).

Further support

For more information or help with MFA read the updated MFA help guides and FAQs.

For additional assistance, contact the SSC on 1800 SYD UNI (1800 793 864) or +61 2 8627 1444 (option 3 for ICT).