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Return: completing your overseas study

Staying connected

Your overseas experience doesn’t have to end just because you’ve returned home. We provide various ways for you to continue being involved once you’re back. Look out for messages from Sydney Abroad about the below opportunities and more.


There are many ways for you to share your experience with other students. We invite returned students to pass on their wisdom at information sessions, Open Day, the Sydney Abroad Fair and at our Meet and Greet and Pre-Departure Sessions.

Careers workshop

Run by the Careers Centre, learn to showcase your experiences and new skills to set yourself apart from other graduates in the marketplace. Throughout the course of this workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • reflect on and share your experiences with other returned students
  • identify the skills, knowledge and personal attributes gained and demonstrated during your experience abroad
  • review the impact that your exchange experience may have on your future career decisions and goals
  • get tips on how to articulate your experiences to future employers, including transferable employable skills and intercultural competency.

For more information, visit the Careers Centre.

Mates Abroad

Become a mentor to incoming study abroad and exchange students with the Mates Abroad Program. Build social networks and foster international friendships by providing local knowledge and a valuable insight into Australian culture, using the five-point mentoring plan. This involves:

  • meeting and connecting with your mates pre-arrival, via email, phone or social media
  • arrival help and support in the first few weeks of life in Sydney
  • travelling together on a mode of Sydney transport
  • experiencing something quintessentially ‘Australian’ together
  • sharing your friendship by inviting the international mates to meet more local students.

Find out more by searching @MatesAbroad.

Mobility Sydney Global

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Opening hours

9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Last updated: 18 October 2022

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