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Placement and internship opportunities

Depending on the degree you’re completing, you may have the opportunity to complete additional programs that further develop your skills and experience. Generally this will involve completing a project or period of work in a workplace related to your area of study.    

These programs are optional and vary in duration and requirements, from six-month scholarship programs to four-week volunteer community placements. In most cases, your faculty or school will outline the eligibility criteria and manage applications.

Some faculties offer summer research programs, giving you the opportunity to work with leading researchers. These are scholarship programs held over the summer break.

Many courses have compulsory placement requirements that you need to complete as part of your studies. Find out about the compulsory placements for your degree.

Insurance cover

The University maintains a personal accident insurance policy that covers you while you’re undertaking course-related activities, including placements. Find out more about this insurance cover, including how to make a claim.

Internship for credit

If you’re completing an undergraduate degree, there are a number of opportunities to undertake an Internship for Credit. An internship gives you the opportunity to gain experience in the workplace while applying knowledge and skills from your academic studies. Internships are available in government, NGO or private organisations.

An internship generally involves the completion of at least 95 hours of professional work placement, usually over two days a week for 10 weeks during semester. Before commencing your internship, you will attend a seminar where you'll be briefed on the requirements and expectations of your placement, and be able to answer any questions you may have about your placement.

Find out more about the internships available.

Art Curating/Museum and Heritage Studies

If you are completing postgraduate studies in Art Curating or Museum and Heritage Studies, you have the opportunity to complete an internship as part of your program.

Internships can take place in a wide range of Australian or international institutions. This includes public or private, commercial or non-commercial museums and galleries, institutions involved in the collection or display of art, or organisations that service the work of museums and galleries.

Master of Cultural Studies

If you are completing the Master of Cultural Studies, you have the opportunity of completing a cultural studies internship as part of your program.

Through the internship, you can gain experience in an organisation, business or institution that undertakes or requires cultural research or analysis. This may range from education, policy, artistic practice or popular culture to consumer or community ethnography and activist work.

If you would like to participate in the cultural studies internship program, complete an expression of interest form (doc, 80KB)

Master of Publishing, Health Communication, Media Practice, Strategic PR and Digital Communication and Culture

If you are completing a master’s program in Publishing, Health Communication, Media Practice, Strategic PR or Digital Communication and Culture, you have the opportunity to complete work experience placements as part of your program.

These placements allow you to gain experience in roles related to your degree.

Social justice internships

If you are completing a master’s program in Human Rights, Development Studies or Peace and Conflict Studies, you may have the opportunity to complete a social justice internship.

During the internship you’ll work intensively in a domestic or international organisation to gain a working knowledge of social justice practice.

Department of Germanic Studies

The Department of Germanic Studies regularly hosts interns. To apply, you need to have commenced or completed studies in the field of German, Germanic Studies or a related discipline.

Find out more information, including eligibility and application processes.

School of Humanities

If you are completing studies in the School of Humanities, you may be able to arrange work experience. It will need to be approved by your department and head of school.

Refer to the school’s webpage for more information about work experience and to complete an application form.

You can find out more information about Business placements, projects and study tours including dates, eligibility criteria and the application process.

Social Justice Legal Clinics

A variety of social justice activities provide the opportunity for students to work with organisations and gain experience with cases, clients, policy and research projects. Find more information on the social justice activities page in Canvas.

Summer Clerkship Scheme

The Summer Clerkship Scheme provides the opportunity to complete a clerkship with a participating law firm. The program is coordinated through the Law Society of New South Wales.


Internships are available at various centres and institutes within the Law School. These are advertised in the law student newsletter when they become available. You can also find out more about internships on the Law Canvas site.

Sydney School of Health Sciences

Indigenous community placements

If you're in the latter part of a coursework degree, you may be able to participate in the Indigenous Community Placement Program. This is a community fieldwork experience in which you work with a non-profit community service organisation within the area of Aboriginal health, disability or community services.

International health experience

FHS Abroad provides opportunities to gain an understanding of international health through an experience in a developing country. This is an elective unit of study that involves working in a community-based organisation for between four and six weeks. Find out about the programs available.

Sydney Nursing School

There is a range of professional experience opportunities if you are completing studies at The University of Sydney Nursing School. Many of these form part of the compulsory clinical placement requirements for your degree.

International professional experience

International professional experience opportunities are available in Vietnam, Sweden, The Netherlands and Tonga through the international student exchange programs.

Local partnerships

Placements are available with Justice Health and NSW Air Ambulance for selected students.

Rural and remote experience

Generally, you will need to complete at least some of your compulsory clinical placement requirements in rural and remote communities. There are many rural and remote placement opportunities available and interested students can complete an expression of interest for their area of interest.


If you are in the second year of a Science (or combined) degree in Chemistry, you have the opportunity to complete the Year in Industry Program. This allows you to spend a year working as a full-time employee in industry between your second and third year of study.

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Last updated: 13 March 2024

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