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Semester and year-long exchange


Academic requirements

To be eligible for a semester and year-long exchange program, the following minimum requirements apply to all students:

  • you need to have a weighted average mark (WAM) of at least 50 and have completed a minimum of 24 credit points at the University of Sydney. Be aware that host institutions may have a higher WAM requirement. Consult the Global Mobility Database for details
  • you need to be meeting your course progression requirements at the University of Sydney
  • due to application timelines, postgraduate coursework students typically need to be studying in an award course with at least 72 credit points in order to be considered for semester exchange mobility
  • postgraduate research students need to submit approval from both their supervisor at the University of Sydney and their intended supervisor at the host institution
  • if you have transferred here from another university, you need to complete at least 24 credit points of your award course at the University of Sydney. You may be required to submit additional supporting documents/previous transcripts with your application.

You may also need to meet any further requirements of the host institution, for example grades, language ability, unit of study prerequisites, course progression, field of study, portfolios of work or auditions.

Additionally, if you would like to participate in an exchange in a language other than English, you need to meet the host institution’s language requirements. This does not apply if you want to study in English, in a non-English speaking country.


You are eligible to undertake an overseas mobility experience of any type to a country that you are, or have been, a citizen or permanent resident, provided that this is permitted by the host institution. There are some host institutions who do not permit citizens or permanent resident of their country to enrol into a mobility program. Check the Global Mobility Database for details.

Financial requirements

You're expected to have enough funding for the duration of your stay, and for some countries you may need to provide evidence of funding to obtain a student visa. Find out more about costs and scholarships.

Additional criteria


As an undergraduate student you have a lot of flexibility for exchange, but you need to be aware that:

  • exchange in your final semester is not permitted in some courses
  • most faculties/schools don't permit you to take an honours year on exchange, and going on exchange in your final semester may affect your progression into honours
  • combined courses are common at Sydney, but not overseas, and this can limit the units you are able to take at a host university
  • due to strict degree requirements, Dentistry, Medicine, and Veterinary Science do not allow semester or year-long exchange programs, but short-term programs may be possible.


Postgraduate exchange has a few more restrictions. For example, Canadian and United States universities generally require completion of a four-year degree, and many Australian students have only a standard three-year bachelor's degree.

North American university postgraduate exchange programs often only accept students for a September intake (at the start of their academic year). Always consult with your faculty/unit coordinator to see if it’s possible to go exchange as a postgraduate student.

Sydney Global Mobility

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Opening hours

9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Last updated: 07 October 2021

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